America got Trumped – What does it mean?

I have received updated perceptions and insight on this topic since it was posted: Please see updated resolution at the bottom of this page…30/11/2017

I have been cast into the abyss of confusion surrounding the American election result.  Did you also think it would be Hillary on that podium?  If so, I am not sure of your reasons but here are mine:

This year I have spent hours, days and weeks researching the history of politics and civilizations across time and dating back from before the modern era (roughly 6000 years ago and before).  The conclusion I have come to is that human society has existed in various forms for a lot longer than is currently depicted and reported in our history books.  Societies have come into existence and suddenly vanished due to various extreme circumstances, one of which is the great deluge depicted in biblical times as the great flood.  We are trapped into thinking we are currently more technologically advanced in our abilities than ever before and that our hold on science has liberated us from our animalistic ancestry.  But nothing can be further from the truth.

There is evidence all around us showing us that people from ancient civilizations managed to create physical structures that could not have been done with the technology of that day.  It was impossible to move the stone needed to construct the pyramids without some form of extreme technological or cosmic influence.  The Mayans, the lost city of Atlantis…are a few other civilizations that have no explanation in terms of their abilities to construct these structures.  So, where does that leave us?  It leaves us in a place where we either believe what mainstream media and the government and heads of education and science TELL us to believe, which is basically that we should forget about all that nonsense because it simply doesn’t fit into our current scientific understanding of the world and to challenge it would be to uproot everything our society is based on.  And so, the information about these types of things is ignored and also published with slants and conspiratorial bias to sway the people back to their robotic ways of thinking.  This of course, is their main objective and has been since the earliest of days on this earth.  My personal theory is that these societies have been experiments.  Each civilization has been tampered with and experimented on to create a species and system that is easiest to control.  They have really got it right with our current civilization because the sheep mentality is increasing at a rapid pace.  I just look around me at the amount of people who support Hillary Clinton by virtue of the fact that she SEEMS to be the less oppressive option.  After all she is a women.  She can hardly be that dangerous, right?  And, there is a photo on the news with Obama giving her a big old HUG! Awe sweet!  In saying that, we also have conscious people who are awakening at a rapid pace too and so the divide is ever increasing.

What has any of this got to do with me being confused about the election result?  Well, these powers that be (demi gods) have been controlling our societies and have done so through multi-dimensional influence and exist just outside of our physical range of vision.  They operate very closely to our vibrational frequency and they therefore share the same space although most people cannot tune into their frequency.  Sometimes by virtue of a person’s higher states of consciousness and their ability to tap into various psychic powers as well as, alternatively, through black magick, humans can tap into that vibration through seances and also by performing rituals and sacrifices.  This is evident if we just look at the exorbitant amount of pedophilia and missing children instances happening globally – most of which are not reported on.  Even the deep web has uncovered this fact – pedophilia is the most popular content type on the whole of the deep web.  WHY?  Because people in higher echelons of power are secretly engaging in satanic rituals in order to feed off lower frequency vibrations.  The most intensely powerful food for these spiritual parasites is the energy released from anally raping prepubescent children.  They prey off that particular energy type first and foremost.

I have been following the news about the wars happening in Syria and how Russia has sided with Trump in an open and overt attempt at dismantling the elite globalist powers that are FUNDING and FIGHTING ISIS at the same time.  i.e Hillary Clinton – Yes, there is proof that this is the case but it is hardly spoken about at all in the media and this is just one thing that BLOWS MY FREAKING MIND!  Surely, people have heard about this?  Yes, they have…it’s information that they hear but don’t understand.  They don’t get it.  They only hear the slanted media narrative in their massive echo chamber of existence and any other information that is presented to them that doesn’t fit that narrative is flung to the side because it simply doesn’t fit into the mental constructs and belief systems that have been perpetuated through their exposure to TV, Radio, News, Education, Politics and Music.  People are just bombarded with constructs and they cannot make sense of anything that exists outside that construct.

A prime example of this in action is the existence of something called Morgellons disease, which is a skin disease where fibers protrude from the skin.  However, these fibers are made from an unknown substance that does not fit into any natural or man made category of substance that has ever been recorded or seen before.  It seems to be some kind of alien fiber not linked to this earth.  Instead of creating research centers to figure it out this is what scientists chose to do instead…

Please see the Wikipedia definition below:

Morgellons (/mɔː(ɹ)ˈdʒɛlənz/) is the informal name of a self-diagnosed skin condition in which individuals have sores that they believe contain some kind of fibers.[1] Morgellons is poorly understood but appears to be a form of delusional parasitosis; the sores are the result of compulsive scratching, and the fibers, when analysed, turn out to originate from textiles.

So basically, people with this disease are CRAZY – and delusional and the fibers don’t actually exist.

Anyway, I digress…back to Trump and Hillary.  I had already internally mourned the downturn of America because Trump and Hillary were the only candidates left to choose from.  Both of them disgusted me and at that point I knew that either way America was in trouble.  However, from what I am aware of Clinton’s association with these satanic and hugely powerful people who are currently ruling the world was far more evident and pronounced than Trump’s and on top of it I saw Trump and Putin “holding hands” and so, in my slightly more naive days of researching Geo-politics I came to the conclusion that Putin was my new hero.  He was not on Obama/ Clinton’s side and together with China wanted to defend Russia and the world from their money-orientated war racketeering.  Also claiming that they were going to overthrow any government or military body that was perpetuating the goal of a one world government, which is exactly what the globalist elite are intending to create as mentioned in my babble above about control and power. This series of information led me to believe 2 things:

  1. Hillary Clinton was the puppet they wanted to win
  2. Trump was our only possible option to stop her from becoming president and starting world war 3 with Russia over the ISIS saga in Syria.

But then, I wake up and Trump is president of America and all my theories go smack bang out of the window.  What I have learnt is something very important here.  I actually don’t have a clue what the hell to believe anymore.  Nothing I learn in politics ever makes any sense.  And that is why it is so good to remember that all politics is is just smoke and mirrors…a distraction from the truth (which is the the power lies within us)…a way to keep people from running away from themselves in an attempt to gain protection and safety at the hands of those who ultimately control us.  If you truly ask yourself this question:  Is this president or any other president acting and serving the people from a place of spirituality and love?  If the answer is no, then they do not deserve your respect or support at all.

I have learnt that there is far too much I don’t know…but just because I don’t know the full picture doesn’t mean I don’t know enough to guide my way.

I know enough about this society to know that we are being manipulated and fooled and that my true potential and power only comes from tapping into who I am an not by supporting or protesting presidents and governments.  They only exist because we cast a vote to keep them there.

I am in a true sense of allowing with this presidential result because I know that we are awakening and moving forward as a collective consciousness.  Consciousness is expanding…what will be will be…I am merely a spectator in this play.  My creation and contribution to the universe only bears fruit when I focus on improving and discovering myself and not by trying to protest against political situations.

Afterall, what you resist persists…


15 November 2016

I just watched a really great video by Abraham Hicks about the elections. The summary so far is that we have created this reality and continue only to see the negative sides to it but instead we should be looking at all the positive and beneficial sides of our new political leaders. We also cannot expect them to have power to create our happiness. Happiness is created within.

Esther also talks about how it is the best election yet in terms of showing the public how insignificant political system is in providing us with security and happiness. It is therefore forcing people to look inside. My summary hardly gives much justice to the interview but a vague idea nonetheless.



Updated Insight: 30/11/2017

It’s quite clear that there is some kind of assumption that starseeds are expected to be positively polarized throughout their entire incarnation here on earth and that if they aren’t they are not living up to their soul contract..

Are we perhaps assuming too much from our limited understanding about who and what a starseed is?

The way I see it is that all these starseeds have immense potential to shift ideologies, beliefs and perceptions due to their skills and talents. And because of this they are targeted through manipulation, bribery, mind control etc… they are also more susceptible due to their difficulty in integrating into this 3D existence.

Is it possible to see such behavior as a call for help; a sign of distress and perversion due to the choice to remain separate from source and in so doing their expression in art or their work becomes just that? An expression of this separation…

If we see it this way, could we also understand the beauty of their personal journey?  The hardships and turmoil necessary for them to realize who they are and what they could be?

We are scared to love celebrities/ politicians who represent the cabal or secret societies and even scared to love the ones that are set to remove them (Trump)…scared to embrace them… but what we fail to understand is that by doing this we fail to love and embrace ourselves.

Starseeds are souls that have chosen to incarnate here to assist with ascension at this very pivotal and tumultuous time but do we stop to think that maybe their actions are part of a soul journey that has been set out prior to their arrival for the very purpose of igniting growth and realization – not just for them but for others as well?  Their shortcomings, challenges and  chaos is not in vain – we all learn and evolve from the choices of others – and starseeds will be major influences in our earthly perceptions…We see these troubled but powerful beings in turmoil and lashing out or causing even more separation around us…and it makes us reflect, look inside, see what we don’t like about it and implement that change more thoroughly in our own lives.  Do you see now how this works?  How we are all interwined on this journey and how the judgement of a certain polarity is simply an extension of our lack of awareness.

Donald Trump: Starseed with a mission => Starseed Chart read by Grayham Forscutt

Donald was born aligned to Galactic Centre (99% accurate as shown).

Starseed mission like so many others we have shared.



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