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Are all starseeds always positively polarised throughout their earthly incarnations? What beliefs are we holding onto?

It’s quite clear that there is some kind of assumption that starseeds are expected to be positively polarized throughout their entire incarnation here on earth and that if they aren’t they are not living up to their soul contract.. Are we perhaps assuming too much from our limited understanding about who and what a starseed is? The way I see…

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The Key to Good Parenting

No one said being a parent was going to be easy but for me, it was. My first born had no reflux, no health problems, latched perfectly and was able to communicate extremely well with me without saying a word. She also never cried and if she did it was never anything that a boob couldn’t sort out. Then comes…

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How To Access Your Akashic Records – Aingeal Rose on TJBS

This is simply an incredible summary video interview with Aingeal Rose mentioning so many core topics that are at the forefront of our understanding of life. The biggest question answered in this interview relates to my questions on lower vibrational entities. When we finally collectively raise our consciousness enough on earth these entities will be forced to either leave earth…

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America got Trumped – What does it mean?

I have received updated perceptions and insight on this topic since it was posted: Please see updated resolution at the bottom of this page…30/11/2017 I have been cast into the abyss of confusion surrounding the American election result.  Did you also think it would be Hillary on that podium?  If so, I am not sure of your reasons but here…

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Guardian Angels – Buying our first house

I believe that my guardian angels are speaking to me on this journey. So many beautiful things are coming together. We are finally looking for a house to buy that has a garden. I have visualised this endlessly for the last few months and we are going to view our first showhouse today. What will be will be – and if this is not the right house that is also OK. But seeing what we are finally able to afford after struggling so much to get into the property market is hugely exciting. because my children are about to experience a more solid and tangible connection with nature. They will be able to run free on the grass and play in the garden like I did when I was a child. Just touching the soil will energise them and naturally raise their frequency.

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The nature of lower frequency multi-dimensional beings

This quandry has been solved: Please see bottom of article for resolution received I am truly battling with the understanding of multi-dimensional archon beings that do not have the same ability as we do to harness source consciousness (maybe they can? Can someone help me here?). These are the non creative, very intellectual and physically powerful beings that are controlling…

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Meditation: Activating my pineal gland

Pineal Gland Activation Meditation

This is a video review straight after my very first proper meditation and is also the first video I have posted to youtube. As you can see, I am rather confused and dazzled. I still don’t really know for certain what my emotions mean. I am glad I have documented my visions and perhaps the message and questions will become clearer further along my journey.

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Moon Matrix

Embracing the Illusion

The rain is pouring down today. I have picked up on my inquiring journey again. For a few weeks I was focussing more on meditation and getting in touch with those peaceful feelings inside myself and also trying to be more creative by diving into art projects like my a doll’s house I created for my daughter and a painting of a phoenix which I just started. Those were actions which I believed were projections of my higher self. They are spurred by pure passion and enjoyment. When I am being creative I can feel myself in alignment with my higher self and source energy. As a working, stay at home mother of 2 children my biggest challenge is the human experience of time. My constant challenge is the juggling of priorities and my ability to spiritually grow and manifest my own reality without compromising the needs of my children.

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