Don’t Look Back

I’m having my first bouts of frustration about my blog and it’s only been up for a day.

The purpose of this blog was to face fears, overcome them and to share my energy and raise my frequency.

The problem is that I haven’t been creating anything much in the last 5 or 6 years and so I actually have very little to share. I started trying to dig out my past guitar compositions and when I posted them to my blog I immediately felt this feeling of cognitive dissonance. The material is old, stale and its purpose has come and gone. Even though it has a life that transcends my own earthly existence and is hugely important to me for that reason, I cannot seem to bring myself to share it here.

So, in the morning I am going to delete all those posts that refer to creations that I have done prior to this new spiritual awakening. It is the awakened spirit of Rainbow Phoenix that I wish to celebrate and harness. Posting content for the sole purpose of others’ entertainment is definitely not what I want this blog to be about.

Every single post on my blog needs to be its own work of art, specially chosen and crafted to exude it’s own beauty or discovery. I will not post nonsense for the sake of creating content! I have spent too long doing that in a corporate environment for various projects and companies and it makes me feel dead inside.

So, after writing this post I have learnt the following:

1.) I was choosing content that I thought people would like. Thinking about filling the gaps is not in line with my divine purpose. I should only be posting creations that resonate with me in my present state for the sake of my own self discovery only.

2.) I have realised that this blog needs to only have content about me from this moment going forward. I want the content to have a certain energy and my old spiritual energy is not useful here unless I am talking about it in comparison to a lesson I’m learning about today.

It’s time to look within and focus on the now. Rainbow Phoenix is stronger and wiser than she was yesterday.


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