Guardian Angels – Buying our first house

I believe that my guardian angels are speaking to me on this journey.  So many beautiful things are coming together.  We are finally looking for a house to buy that has a garden.  I have visualised this endlessly for the last few months and we are going to view our first showhouse today.  What will be will be – and if this is not the right house that is also OK.  But seeing what we are finally able to afford after struggling so much to get into the property market is hugely exciting.  because my children are about to experience a more solid and tangible connection with nature.  They will be able to run free on the grass and play in the garden like I did when I was a child.  Just touching the soil will energise them and naturally tune them into a higher frequency.

I am currently so filled with joy and gratitude that my heart is literally beaming out of my chest. I am grateful to my husband’s mother who will be living with us in a cottage on our property.  She is contributing so much to this new journey and to my children’s lives.  She also recently passed on some beautiful crystals to me which I have felt myself tuning into as they sit gloriously on my window sill in my lounge.


Rose Quartz


Green Calcite

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