The Key to Good Parenting

No one said being a parent was going to be easy but for me, it was. My first born had no reflux, no health problems, latched perfectly and was able to communicate extremely well with me without saying a word. She also never cried and if she did it was never anything that a boob couldn’t sort out. Then comes baby number 2 and all the vibrational alignment I was living was suddenly awry.

Juggling the attention and feelings of love that they both receive is truly challenging. It tests me more than anything ever has before and in a completely new kind of way. At the heart and core of me I believe I have done and am still doing an exceptional job at showing my children the extent of my love for them. I do feel pangs of guilt at times, specially when the TV has been on for over an hour and my 3 year old is glued to the screen like a zombie or when I am serving them up a delicious plate of absolute crap. As a conscious person and parent my feelings of guilt are based on issues relating to my beliefs and perceptions about the way society and the current world works. I feel like I have a wisdom that surpasses what meets the eye and am awake to the undercurrents controlling this society and the intentions thereof. I am no longer scared or fearful of these issues although I find myself perpetually striving for more responsible choices within my scope of energy and power. I am constantly finding ways to make more responsible choices as a person and parent but the exhaustion I feel on a day to day basis puts me in survival mode and when I cannot deliver a life for my children that is congruent with my beliefs and perceptions I feel very much out of alignment and guilty.

I am very aware that this guilt is futile and damaging to my vibrational momentum and desires since I am focusing my attention on that which i do not want as opposed to that which I do. It is in this realisation that I am going to endevour to amend my parenting style in the following ways:

1.) Paving the way:

It is time to start envisaging the best possible scenarios given my current work and home set up so that I can conjure up the emotions and desires congruent with that result. Once those are listed I need to consciously direct my vibration to me in line with the emotion that those best scenarios will make me feel. I then have to do this regularly, daily and as often as I can do it to build up the momentum and create manifestations of my preferred desires.

A great short podcast about this here:

2.) Managing my Guilt:

Guilt is a negative emotion which has a low vibration. lowering my vibration is like allowing a blind fold to extend over my eyes. Being in a low vibration effects everything around me including my ability to think and act with clarity and wisdom. It also perpetuates behaviour that is in line with those guilt vibrations and traps me into negative behavioural cycles. if I feel guilt, I need to feel free enough to let it go immediately – to be aware of it passing through me like a wave. In and out. Instead of harbouring on what I am not doing “right”, I should be reverting my attention to what i desire to feel instead and think about the paving process until the guilt subsides.

3.) Feeding my Childrens’ Desires:

When my children desire something, whether it is food, toys or attention it is my absolute responsibility to praise their desires and never to shut them down, to make them aware of the power of their desires and to show the that if they want something with such vehemence that they can achieve it or receive it; to lovingly show them that I am proud of them for showing such desire and want for something specific in that moment or in their life but that everyone has their own vortex (set of desires) and that no one else is responsible for finding ways to satisfy those desires but them. I cannot be the source of joy/ love/ support for everything they desire. At some point, they need to tap into their own power and create the results for themselves. The only way I can teach this is by being in alignment myself and by manifesting my own desires in my own life. The example of this universal law in action is the crux of good parenting. There is nothing more we can do as parents other than to lead by example.

A great short podcast about this here:

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