Emotional Grid - Law of attraction

The Law of Attraction and The Emotional Grid according to Abraham Hicks

Sometimes I find it fascinating focusing on those unknown deceptions around me in the matrix because I like to have the armour of awareness.  However, focusing on them too much creates a slowing of my energy and distracts me from the beautiful truth.  The truth is that I am capable of creating my own reality and the law of attraction governs this.  In an attempt to break free of the shackles of the matrix deception and find peace I stumbled upon Abraham Hick’s video about the grid. I have just touched on it but I will add to this article as I learn more about it.  If you find the below interesting, you can keep coming back to see if I have added any more information on this specific topic.

The most amazing concept which I have learnt from her teaching is the following:

When we do something we love and that makes us happy, we are building a grid for our future reality.  It is never specific cause and effect with this type of energy and “playing music” won’t bring about only desires relating to music per se.  Instead, the vibration we reach from, say, “playing music” is enough to bring forth everything else we have desired. The mere energetic power and vibration that is flowing out of us as a result of doing something we love is enough to build a grid that creates an attraction to anything that we have desired sub-consciously or consciously.  It starts to fill in the gaps and present you with more of what you desire.  This is specially the case the longer you are able to maintain that high vibration.

The summary:  Do what makes you happy and all your wishes will come true.

There are 2 ways to analyze and understand the current content of your grid:
1. Look at your emotions
2. Look at what is manifesting

Emotions are really the better way as they are pre-manifestational.

Manifestations really gets your attention – they get bigger and bigger until you take note.

Indication of the state of your vibrations. when you are up to speed you feel clarity …exhilaration..love appreciation passion

Making music or something that makes your happy raises your emotional grid – and controls your manifestation.

The longer you stay in an uplifing raised vibration the more momentum that will bring you and the more you will start manifesting what you want in your life. But don’t overthink it and create anxiety around the goal of trying to maintain your frequency there. That can be counterproductive so rather flow softly through life and just become more aware of your changing emotions and allow them to guide your way. Your emotions tell you if you are hot or cold, near or far to your goal. Listen to their guidance. If you can’t trust your emotions you have nothing. They are your clear indicator as to where you want to be and where you are.

A lot of people have unlearned how to listen to their emotions and choose to listen to other peoples’ opinions instead; often times people who don’t serve them at all. Trust and faith are needed to an extent but you don’t need a lot of it. You just need to play with it a little bit for the universe to start creating instances that give you that knowing. First you will receive an emotion which is the first manifestation of it and that is when your grid is starting to fill in already. When the energy of the vortex and the energy of the grid are joining one another you feel a sense of resonance, love and appreciation. when you can maintain that feeling for a while then more things start to come into your life like words from others or people coming into your life, or impulses to do something come to you.

Resonance = conscious awareness of a good feeling. The conscious awareness that in this moment I am vibrationally equivalent to my vortex (my source).

Some people want to know the difference between emotion and feelings.  Feelings are further manifestations of emotions i.e. tight chest from prolonged or severe sadness or anxiety. Goosebumps from

Here are the videos from which this information comes… I have written it down from my own interpretation.

Love and peace to you all – Please send me a message below if you have any further gems of wisdom on this topic.



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