The nature of lower frequency multi-dimensional beings

This quandry has been solved: Please see bottom of article for resolution received I am truly battling with the understanding of multi-dimensional archon beings that do not have the same ability as we do to harness source consciousness (maybe they can? Can someone help me here?). These are the non creative, very intellectual and physically powerful beings that are controlling…

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Meditation: Activating my pineal gland

Pineal Gland Activation Meditation

This is a video review straight after my very first proper meditation and is also the first video I have posted to youtube. As you can see, I am rather confused and dazzled. I still don’t really know for certain what my emotions mean. I am glad I have documented my visions and perhaps the message and questions will become clearer further along my journey.

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Moon Matrix

Embracing the Illusion

The rain is pouring down today. I have picked up on my inquiring journey again. For a few weeks I was focussing more on meditation and getting in touch with those peaceful feelings inside myself and also trying to be more creative by diving into art projects like my a doll’s house I created for my daughter and a painting of a phoenix which I just started. Those were actions which I believed were projections of my higher self. They are spurred by pure passion and enjoyment. When I am being creative I can feel myself in alignment with my higher self and source energy. As a working, stay at home mother of 2 children my biggest challenge is the human experience of time. My constant challenge is the juggling of priorities and my ability to spiritually grow and manifest my own reality without compromising the needs of my children.

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Don’t Look Back

I’m having my first bouts of frustration about my blog and it’s only been up for a day.

The purpose of this blog was to face fears, overcome them and to share my energy and raise my frequency.

The problem is that I haven’t been creating anything much in the last 5 or 6 years and so I actually have very little to share. I started trying to dig out my past guitar compositions and when I posted them to my blog I immediately felt this feeling of cognitive dissonance. The material is old, stale and its purpose has come and gone. Even though it has a life that transcends my own earthly existence and is hugely important to me for that reason, I cannot seem to bring myself to share it here.

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Rainbow Phoenix

The Birth of Rainbow Phoenix

I am not seeking a large number of people to view this blog, although if it did ever have such a tremendous reach I would be truly grateful that my passions could inspire so many others and would be even more enriched by the community that was being built around me.

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