Are all starseeds always positively polarised throughout their earthly incarnations? What beliefs are we holding onto?

It’s quite clear that there is some kind of assumption that starseeds are expected to be positively polarized throughout their entire incarnation here on earth and that if they aren’t they are not living up to their soul contract..

Are we perhaps assuming too much from our limited understanding about who and what a starseed is?

The way I see it is that all these starseeds have immense potential to shift ideologies, beliefs and perceptions due to their skills and talents. And because of this power they are often chosen and targeted through manipulation, bribery and mind control from a very young age etc… there are external influences setting them off onto their path…all of which they have agreed to face or deal with before they arrived here on earth…

Prince was a slave

Think about how Prince’s journey started…and how it ended…

Is it possible to see such behavior as a call for help; a sign of distress and perversion due to the choice to remain separate from source and in so doing their expression in art or their work becomes just that? An expression of this separation…

Lady gaga with marina abramovic

Lady gaga with marina abramovic

If we see it this way, could we also understand the beauty of their personal journey? The hardships and turmoil necessary for them to realize who they are and what they could be?

We are scared to love celebrities/ politicians who represent the cabal or secret societies and even scared to love the ones that are set to remove them (Trump)…scared to embrace them… but what we fail to understand is that by doing this we fail to love and embrace ourselves.

trump on fire

Starseeds are souls that have chosen to incarnate here to assist with ascension at this very pivotal and tumultuous time but do we stop to think that maybe their actions are part of a soul journey that has been set out prior to their arrival for the very purpose of igniting growth and realization – not just for them but for others as well?  Their shortcomings, challenges and chaos is not in vain – we all learn and evolve from the choices of others – and starseeds will be major influences in our earthly perceptions…We see these troubled but powerful beings in turmoil and lashing out or causing even more separation around us…and it makes us reflect, look inside, see what we don’t like about it and implement that change more thoroughly in our own lives. Do you see now how this works? How we are all intertwined on this journey and how the judgement of a certain polarity is simply an extension of our lack of awareness.

Donald Trump: Starseed with a mission => Starseed Chart read by Grayham Forscutt

Donald was born aligned to Galactic Centre (99% accurate as shown).

Starseed mission like so many others we have shared.



All are equal. All are one.

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