The nature of lower frequency multi-dimensional beings

This quandry has been solved: Please see bottom of article for resolution received

I am truly battling with the understanding of multi-dimensional archon beings that do not have the same ability as we do to harness source consciousness (maybe they can? Can someone help me here?). These are the non creative, very intellectual and physically powerful beings that are controlling our reality and have been doing so for thousands and thousands of years. They do this by feeding off of our fear, hatred and lower frequencies – like parasites. The entire system of this world is built to control our minds into forgetting our true state which is that we are all part of the same fabric. The wars and confusion are put there to confuse us and cause us to fight and forget our power. Money is only a means to control the world and through this there is no limit to what can be fed to the masses.

This video series below by Ahonu and Aingeal Rose has led me to answers on this topic have helped with these questions of mine.  A summary in my own words is as follows:

When we die the tunnel of light is a reflection of our own consciousness projecting a “journey” from point A to point B by virtue of the fact that we only understand the universe through a time/ space reality.  It isn’t a journey at all.  Each cell in our body has a vortex within it and when the cells die they implode.  The light is a result of cells imploding.  It is a bio-physical reaction.

At the time of crossing over about 50-60% of weaker souls are interfered with by archons or entities that wish to feed off of the fear that still exists within that soul.  In many cases a false life review is projected to these beings who are crossing over and even disguise themselves as relatives of the deceased in an attempt to create a feeling of guilt and shame about many of the things that this person has done in their life.  They present them an option to come into the world and redo their lives again to make up for the mistakes that they have done.  This is all an illusion created by these entities to perpetuate the cycles of fear and lower frequency vibrations of these souls that they recycle and feed off.  If more people were aware that the life review contained only unconditional love and no shame whatsoever they would not succumb to the trickery of the process at all and would transcend to their ascension.

I think this links up hugely with my own meditation which I did very recently (please see video at the bottom of this post – this was my first ever video post to Youtube.) I had so many feelings and questions I didn’t understand.  I didn’t understand why, during the force fire that is coming to damage the earth, so many souls ascended back into source energy but many souls remained.  There was a sadness from source energy which I felt in my meditation.  I didn’t understand why some souls ascended and others didn’t – what made some souls survive and others perish since we are all one and unified right?  But the answers in these videos below show me that these entities are not alive like us.  They are thought forms that have been brought into reality by virtue of the power that people have given them in their lower vibrational thoughts.  Because so many people are in fear they have made these entities which are essentially made of dust, more powerful.  Can these entities feed off alive souls so much to the point where they can actually perish?  I always thought that even the smallest most remote glimmer of light and love within a being would mean that it never perished since it surely would be infinite in nature right?  So, my question still remains, do these entities have the ability to perish a soul through enough soul recycling and perpetuated fear?

Can anybody help me with all of this?  I feel like I need this particular answer in order to open up more doors of understanding in general.  If no one in this world can help me, can the universe please place information in my path that can shed some light on this?  Or even better yet, what I would actually do to read the Akashic Records for myself!  That would be my ultimate goal.  The universe knows this prayer of mine.



Answers from the divine:
All souls are eternal and part of the greater whole as fractals of source energy.
These souls have free will and therefore the choice to pursue life learning lessons through polarity.  some souls choose to remain connected to source and use wisdom of source to ascend…Others choose to remain separate from source to pursue their bliss.  These souls face much karma which is merely the universe’s way of keeping balance.  These negatively polarised souls can also ascend if they are truly following their heart in pursuit of their own personal bliss…and they will reach heightened skill and awareness from doing so…However, at late 5D souls are now venturing into what is called 6D Unity consciousness.  Souls no longer exist in physical form, but as light bodies/ orbs…which are basically geometrical plasma shapes made up of multi-dimensional layers.  Souls choose to unify with other evolved souls in order to benefit from collaboration.  it is a mutual vibrational agreement where sharing of skills and existence happens naturally as part of their developed level of consciousness.  When the knowledge and wisdom of spiritual and science have merged and integrated into the fabric of the soul’s awareness…this unified group of souls then forms into a template which is the future self…evolved, mastered and highly aware.

Negatively polarised beings are parasites…and therefore open themselves up to being preyed upon…it is a pyramid scheme…few at the top…many suffering under the rule…Until these souls give up their identity as “self” and relinquish their existence to the whole, they remain chained to lower densities…Some souls choose never to acknowledge their connection with source….and remain in fear, pain and suffering..

THE FORCE FIRE: Is the powerful waves of love from the sun which is amping up and pouring into our lives….and raising our awareness and vibration so we can callibrate to our new form of consciouness awareness….it is perceived and felt as destructive to some, to those that choose ot be separate from this love….they will not be able to flow easily with the fire…with the happenings on earth….this fire may or may not be literal for no one knows what and how it will happen, ,only that some will fight against it…and others will embrace it…

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